Own the Now.
Apart from wanting to be somewhere else, most people today also live by the philosophy of “someday” that allows them to manipulate time. “I can do it, but just not today. I’ll do it when…” and they use excuses to stay in their comfort zones. They live on a place called Someday Isle (I’ll) – and that is not a good place to live because it’s full of procrastinators who keep you there with them! The problem is that both Someday and Somewhere are undefined. They’re illusionary. Somewhere does not exist and Someday never comes, despite hoping. This is disempowering and it’s responsible for huge disappointment and frustration for a great many people.  
The truth, however, is that right now is all you’ve really got. Tomorrow is never promised to you and learning to fully live in and for the moment is a vital distinction to make in creating a great life you love. Being grateful does not mean that you lose your drive or purpose but allows you to slow down and really enjoy the ride. Using Someday as an excuse to soften your problems will not create long term success and fulfilment. Be honest with yourself and stop making excuses! A little pain can be useful as it will move you to action. There is always something you can do right now to turn your ideas into reality. There is always one small step you can take.
One of your biggest assets is resourcefulness. This means that right now you have all that you need to achieve whatever you desire, and you have the ability to take action with exactly what you’ve got and exactly where you are. You don’t have to wait for “someday when” or “when I am…” before you take action towards your dreams and goals. The smallest step can make all the difference because what it does is immediately brings your idea to life and smothers Someday. Using your will and your resourcefulness to consciously take charge is what Action Takers do. 
With goal setting, the joy lies in the doing and the journey. You do not travel for the purpose of reaching a destination but for the purpose of travelling. Whatever dream or goal you are pursuing you are likely to spend more time in pursuit of it than achieving it. Most goals are an anti-climax when you achieve them anyway! True fulfilment comes from the journey, and it is the experience that changes you, makes you become something. 
Live in the present but know where you are going. Be right here, celebrate and capture the wonderful moments in your life. Life is and created in the moment. Now is the best time to design the next ten years of your life. Let your thoughts and knowledge serve you through action.  Action is what eventually determines your destiny. Move confidently in the direction of your choosing and don’t get seduced by the popular belief that someday things will come your way or someday your luck will change. You are the source and the creator of your own success. You can start right now with exactly what you’ve got.
Living in a place called Somewhere Isle won’t serve you long-term although it might feel good as a short-term escape! Having to constantly lie to yourself that you will act on your true desires someday when x, y or z is just right will only create unnecessary stress, frustration and guilt. When you turn your “someday” philosophy into a “same day” philosophy you can adopt the mindset where you act on your ideas immediately with exactly what you’ve got and exactly where you are. 
What Someday and Somewhere really boils down to is a false belief that what you need is not available to you. It’s this idea that you are not in control of your life, you are waiting for something else somewhere else before you can take charge. Ironically, you will only get full access to your true resources when you take action exactly where you are with exactly what you’ve got, despite your excuses.
Now contains the seed of the rest of your life. Plant it with joy and water it with gratitude and continue to act in the now. Own the now. Be someone who says I do it now.
Build Your Self-Confidence with 10 Tips!

Having a lack of self-confidence of low self-esteem can affect nearly all areas of your life. It can affect you socially, while giving a presentation, meeting new people, or applying for a job. Confidence issues can come about for many different reasons and over time we just get used to it and start describing ourselves as “not confident”. If you are dealing with confidence issues at the moment, you’ll understand the impact and how it can stop you from doing things you really want to do. There are so many ways a lack of confidence plays out, and what I’ve done is put together a list of some of the tips that I share with my clients to help them work on and regain their confidence. 

1)Challenge Yourself. Stretch yourself, persevere, overcome obstacles and feel great!
2)Stop worrying about what others think of you. Focus instead just on what you think!
3)Surround yourself with positivity. Positive, enthusiastic, and passionate people are contagious. Allow their confidence to brush off on you. You’ll observe how they confidently deal with things in their life that would throw us off course. 

4)Create a new image. This is a fantastic tip that will leave you feeling amazing. Go out and get a whole new image that oozes with confidence, new clothes, new hairstyle, or better posture. When you have this new image you can act up to it with confidence and allow the new you to be born.

5)Don’t waste energy in comparison. Comparison is the thief of joy and confidence. 

6)Watch what you say to yourself as you move through the day. We say things like, ‘Oh I can’t afford that!’ or “I’m no good at this”. This type of inner talk is often negative, and it also closes our mind to finding a solution. Instead, try saying something like, ‘How could I afford that’ or “I’m no good at this yet”.

7)Strive for excellence, not perfection. Perfection is non-existent and the pursuit of it is just plain tiring. Look for self-improvement and the pursuit of excellence.
8)Make a change – move house, join a group, make new friends or change jobs. If you find that an element of your life is causing you to lack confidence – change it! Remember though that you set the limit on what is impossible, so open your mind and consciously decide what you can and can’t do rather than just relying on your emotions to make these decisions for you.
9)Discover your talents and use them. You’ll feel great about yourself if you use your strengths and talents – do you know what yours are? 
10)Forgive your own mistakes. There is no such thing as failure, only learning. I hope that you put this small collection of tips to good use and get the confidence that you deserve and desire. 

Perfection the Un-Live-Able Goal

Have you ever had a thought or idea that you want to get across? And you haven’t got past the stage of wanting to, because you’re still waiting until everything is perfect, for everything to be just so, before telling anyone or doing anything?
I have heard people say that they’ll start when they have more money, time, learn more, practice more, when the kids are older, etc, etc, etc. The challenge with this is there is no perfect time. The best time to get started is now. In my experience, most people shut themselves down due to their fears and need to have everything just so.
I was talking to this lady who was preparing for a job interview. She had spoken to her sister about the interview. Her sister advised, “make sure you do the interview perfectly, because in this city people know each other and if you blow it, you can kiss your career goodbye”. 
WOW, no pressure there! Going into an interview with that in your mind is a good way to blow it. You’d probably be terrified, which would cause the mistakes you are trying to prevent. Can you relate? I’ve heard all sorts of things like this before, yet most people are not sitting there just waiting to crush other people who come in. Most are kind, generous and helpful. What you need is encouragement and just to do your best. The world does not end with a bad interview.
Reality is much brighter when you look at the most successful people out there. They repeatedly said that they failed their way to the top, that they learned from their mistakes and went on. There are millionaires that lost everything, brushed themselves off and then created more millions. They talked to people and connected with them. You can’t succeed by being a hermit.
We are not born with all knowledge on all things. We are not robots, calculating our every move. We are human beings and learn by doing. We discover through interaction. We learn when we communicate our thoughts and ideas. Are there naysayers out there? Yes, run from them. Find the good ones who are looking forward to hearing from you and don’t judge. 
One day I was sitting in the car, waiting for my husband while he ran into a shop. I got out a pen and the following just flowed out:
It is in the trying and being that makes us human. It is the journey not the end that tells us who we are and what we are made of. Perfection is not a means, it leaves no room for variation, creativity and understanding of the process. It is through the trial and error that we gain knowledge and wisdom. We remember and learn more through our mistakes than by what we do perfectly. For if everything were perfect, done perfect, there would be no journey, no life, no adventure … only an end.