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Becoming a YB12 Coach or a Sum Sanos™ practitioner will transform your life. 

If becoming a successful, independent coach capable of having a genuine, inspirational impact on your clients’ lives is important to you, the
YB12 business system is the ultimate vehicle to your success.

Perhaps your focus is on health and wellness? Sum Sanos could make those dreams come true.

We offer you a complete A to Z business system.

Wherever your passions lie, partnering with us is a great first step to achieving your coaching career goals.

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We’re ready to help you live out your dreams and empower you with the
tools, mentoring, marketing methodology and confidence to help you achieve them.

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“As my mentor (and leader), Katrina has helped me start to realise my dreams for my coaching business. Re-focussing my goals and strategy to focus on 1:1 work and significantly deepening my skill set has seen my conversion rates radically improve which means supporting more people in their personal journeys! Going back to the basics of the system and becoming a client of my own material has been fundamental to my success.

The system works!

I can’t thank Katrina enough for introducing me to YB12 and for being so supportive in my quest for success.”

– Diana Cregan, YB12 Coach

YB12 = Your Best12 months

YB12 Coach is a business opportunity for self-motivated and passionate people. It’s a proven system guided by over 25 years in the self development industry.  There are many advantages of becoming a YB12 Coach including flexibility, pre-written and proven delivery methods, reliable marketing systems to help you secure clients and unrivalled support from peers and mentors. As a lifestyle business, you have the flexibility to work your own hours at your own pace which unlocks an unlimited earning potential.

This is NOT a “train and forget” system. You’ll also discover how to powerfully leverage your existing skillset and passions. We’ll help you channel this energy and experience into your own coaching and training business, fully supported by the YB12 Coach business program and solutions.

As a YB12 coach, you’ll work with clients to help them experience their best twelve months and empower them to make each year better than the last.

And in turn, we’re confident YB12 Coach will deliver the best experience of your life too.

Here are the key benefits of becoming a YB12 Coach:

  • Establish a work-life balance as your own boss
  • Gain personal and financial independence
  • Massive market - We all want to live our best lives!
  • Online and face-to-face training
  • Ongoing support from a global network
  • Mentoring from a successful and experienced YB12 Coach ... Me!
  • Proven system for generating new clients


The YB12 Coach business program is designed to help you manage a complete Coaching business at your pace and with outcomes based on your commitment. We want you to succeed and provide all the support you need to exceed your financial, personal and client outcome goals.

Be supported with:

  • A marketing approach designed to stimulate client acquisition
  • Lead with a keynote presentation with high conversion to paying clients!
  • Flexible programs which you can use to deliver to 1 or 1000 people
  • Mentoring & personalised support

If YB12 sounds like the right step forward in your coaching career, let’s chat!



Sum Sanos is an international wellness program based on the latest research in habit change and delivering healthy, sustainable and scientifically backed weight loss underpinned by sound psychological based principles. Sum Sanos practitioners work across the world as independent program providers. If you dream of being a wellness coach, Sum Sanos could make those dreams come true.

Katrina Bromell is a National Director with Sum Sanos in Australia and SE Asia. Working with coaches to build up their own Sum Sanos business by providing not only additional business mentoring but also Sum Sanos training to optimise your services to your clients.


Research shows that habit based change has long lasting benefits. The Sum Sanos™ program is committed to supporting your clients to achieve their goals with a combination of transformation tools, high-level one on one coaching and professional education from qualified academics. Joining the Sum Sanos™ team can provide you with a lifestyle business that makes a positive difference in both your life and the lives of your clients.  

Benefit to you:

  • Fantastic business opportunity
  • Provides an A-Z process for how to start and run a successful coaching business
  • Flexible working hours allowing you to be your own boss
  • Includes high quality materials
  • A proven formula for long-term paying clients
  • Structured process
  • Global brand
  • You can start coaching straight away after a one off investment

Benefit to your clients:

  • Makes a positive impact on people's lives
  • Is scientifically-based and evidence-backed
  • Is based on the latest research
  • Delivers long-term wellness outcomes
  • Creates new, healthier habits for lifelong success


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the ongoing support Katrina offers as an experienced and successful coach and mentor.

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We’re ready to help you live out your dreams and empower you with the
tools, mentoring, marketing methodology and confidence to help you achieve them. 

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