This is where I share free tools for improving performance and productivity.

I add to this library periodically so check back for new resources.

Weekly Planner

This is my #1 tool for helping clients shift from good to outstanding.  Outlining and focussing on your goals for the week helps ensure the most important things get done.

Weekly Review

You can catapult yourself to new levels of performance, one week at a time.  Review what worked, what didn’t, adjust accordingly.  And celebrate the wins!

Habit Builder

Accelerate your progress by identifying and establishing habits that support your goals, and eliminating those that don’t.

Top 7 Books

You are what you read.  Feed your mind from this list of personal growth classics and contemporary must-reads.

Success Chain

They say it takes 30 days on average to form a habit.  But how do you stick with it?  Jerry Seinfeld has the answer: don’t break the chain!

Eisenhower Matrix

Are you spending your time on what’s important or merely urgent?  Knowing which is which, and acting accordingly, can make all the difference.

Planning the Next Year

Small business owners and solopreneurs, are you ready for the next 12 months? Start planning for the new year BEFORE it begins.    

Review and Celebrate Your Year

It’s time to take stock.  To set yourself up for an even better year next year, take a look at the year that’s been – and make celebrating your successes a priority!