Katrina realises people want to make changes and get results, but find it hard on their own. As a coach, she delights in helping individuals make breakthroughs in their thinking and in their doing, so they can become bigger than they are today.

Her Personal Development program equips clients with the life skills to navigate your way to your preferred outcomes, and the goals you set. Coaching topics explored include concepts such as procrastination; balance; mindset; resilience; the language we use and its impact; stress management; creativity; emotional management – and more – all designed to help you lead a life of self-responsibility, consistency and constant forward momentum. She helps you avoid self-sabotage and live closer to your potential.

Katrina invites you to embark on a challenge of change where you get to write your own future.

“One of the hallmarks of a great coach is that the conversation feels like one is simply chatting with a friend, and yet one gains powerful insights that lead to positive shifts in one’s life.

Katrina has a knack for building a connection with her clients, a real skill for asking the powerful questions, and a way of gently but firmly keeping one on track.

Katrina is a great coach. I happily recommend her to anyone seeking to improve any area of their life.”

– Anna McKinley


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