Emotional Resilience

Building emotional resilience is the key to success in all areas of life. This is the collection of skills, characteristics, habits and attitudes that help you remain agile, fresh and productive – especially in the face of stress or uncontrollable situations.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the program, the methods suggested in regards to dealing with negativity, procrastination, and losing business were highly beneficial. Your particular style was very professional and personable.”

Mark Johnstone, Woodards Real Estate

Habit Change

Habits permeate every area of life. Neuroscience now tells us it is NOT too late to teach a new dog new tricks. Neuroplasticity means you can create the habits that serve you and eliminate the ones that are working against you. 

“Katina is invaluable as a coach and her support structures have been vital to ensuring I met targets (I am now 25% more efficient with work/life optimisation than I was 4 months ago) and stay on target with the small step improvements and positive habit formation.”

James Gumley

Heightened Confidence

Growth in confidence leads to success. Confidence allows you to consistently take on opportunities, free yourself of stress, and accomplish more than ever. It allows you to believe in yourself, in your skills and, most importantly, believe in your ability to succeed.

“Katrina’s program really resonates, it uplifted my thoughts and self-belief that we can achieve anything we want to achieve.”

Celeste Wright, Marshall White

Winning Mindset

Create a winning mindset by overcoming mental barriers that hold you back. This will see you stand above the crowd and operate with an exceptional attitude and outlook. 

“The biggest change I have made is mindset, followed by strong action plans. Finally feel like I am growing and creating a business rather than just working in it. I am getting better at focusing on opportunities when challenges arrive rather than being consumed by the challenge.”

Tracy Walker, Tribal Cycling 

Finding Clarity

Clarity enables you to understand your current situation and where you would like to go. Most importantly, it means knowing how to close any gap between the two and achieve what you want in business and in life. Having clarity means you know where you are headed, people understand you, and you have clear thoughts to inspire clear results.

“I was at a stage of feeling stuck regarding the direction I was taking in my life, and I just couldn’t break the patterns. Through working with Katrina, I have found clarity and therefore feel more in control of my direction in life.”

Anita Di Stastio, Naturopath

Mastering Your Mind

Mind mastery enables you to be the controller of your thoughts; the boss of your brain and a go-getter in the now. Results come your way when you find this control.

“Katrina helped me understand how important it is to acknowledge the power of our own minds.”

Toni Leskovec, Bell Real Estate

Goals Program

“Begin with the end in mind,” Stephen Covey.

Goal setting gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation. Quite simply, a well-structured goals program is your roadmap to success; essential to your development. Do what a very small percentage of the population do and learn how to set meaningful goals that are underpinned by powerful action plans.

“Katrina’s ability to crystalise disparate thoughts, ideas and experiences into a cohesive set of actions is extraordinary. I highly recommend her.”

Nichola, MITS

Strategic Planning

Add strategic planning to your armour and find your edge. Practical, simple, achievable blueprints that will see you and your team have more, do more and be more than ever before.

“Very practical and useful in helping the team focus and bond – this strategic plan is one that we now use daily and drives all of our actions and behaviour.”

Joe Badr, D-Spa

Performance Science

Understand that there is a science behind consistent high performance, a formula to follow that virtually guarantees you will reach the top of your game.

“I enjoyed your overall tone and connection with the group – the clarity you have given me – applying the tools of self-worth, and looking at the micro-steps to get to the peak. I had never look at it as a science before; now that I do it makes perfect sense.”

Julie Taylor, Biggin & Scott

Self Awareness

Bringing self-awareness to your game is the beginning of self-improvement. With self-awareness comes growth, change, and the path to excellence.

“Katrina has raised my self-awareness, changed my way of thinking, improved my confidence in both my work and personal life. Every week I leave our sessions so pumped; ready to create and conquer.”

Caz Lorenz; Me Time Training

Team Building

Break down barriers. Share information and insights. Brainstorm. Build morale. Develop relationships. Ultimately increase staff engagement, align around goals, increase accountability and improve team outcomes.

“This is fantastic for team building, where each member of the team is involved.”

Trevor Bell, Bell Real Estate

Greater Productivity

Ensure productivity is at 100%. Consistently eliminate procrastination. Have scheduled down-time rather than lost hours faffing around. Get more done in less time and move with purpose and intention.

“After only two months of working with Katrina, my team of 12 leaders were seeing changes in performance, emotional resilience and mindset – productivity rose from 70% to 90%.” 

Joe Badr, D-Spa

Laser Focus

Laser focus gets you to goals faster. Laser focus wastes less time. Laser focus breeds success. Quite simply, laser focus is what separates the winners. What you focus on is what you get.

“Katrina has created a shift in my thinking, goal focus, action, productivity and results. The awareness of my thought processes and reflection have been important to developing action plans that see me working towards achieving my goals.”

Colleen Schreenan, Thermomix