“What an awesome coach Katrina is, last year we saw amazing results in our team, finishing off as #1 agency in our group as well as being REIV Agency of the Year. These were just a couple of highlights. Now we are aiming for our next best year ever. Thank you Katrina for all your assistance!!!” Cameron, Woodards Blackburn

Woodards Blackburn

"After only two months of working with Katrina, my team of 12 leaders were seeing changes in performance, emotional resilience and mindset – productivity rose from 70% to 90%.”

Dr. Joseph Badr

"Having worked with Katrina I feel like I’ve been given a blueprint for getting the most important things done, and getting out of my own way. I’ve learned how to set goals, focus on my priorities, and create lasting change. Katrina helps you close the gap between your wishes and your reality by teaching you skills that will serve you in every aspect of your life." ​

Kate Buckley

“Delivery and engagement was fantastic. The program has made me think in a way I wouldn’t have normally thought. Style was enjoyable, simple and effective.”

Justin Holod
Marshall White

“Thank you Katrina for a well-resourced, well-prepared workshop that has the potential to completely change the way you live your life. The concepts are presented in a way that are thought-provoking, practical and very achievable. You also embody all that you espouse which is very motivating.”

Kate Way
Woodards Real Estate

"Katrina is easily one of the best coaches in the business. Her genuine compassion, ability to inspire and help you become the best you can be cannot be overstated. Anyone looking to improve themselves or their business should contact Katrina NOW. You will be glad you did." ​

Cameron Knight
CJ Wellness

"So much has transpired (both personally and in business) over the last year. The focus and direction Katrina has helped me with is amazing! I make it my business to have the best mentors and coaches surrounding me and Katrina has certainly been a catalyst – so many wonderful opportunities come my way! Thank you for believing in me and being such an amazing support network."

Georgie Kirby
Total Tree Care

“On all occasions the leaders working with Katrina had personal and business growth, and significantly changed their mindsets to be solution focused. As a woman of integrity and clear focus Katrina visualises success with her clients and is committed to facilitating the journey towards that success with them. I would highly recommend Katrina’s coaching services to anyone who has decided on a path to better health, business or life choices.”

Thermomix in Australia

“Great workshop. Katrina is clear and direct about goal setting and what needs to be done to achieve this. Nothing is overly complicated or fluffy. Genuine steps anyone can put in place to follow."

Ailin Bonilla
Six Degrees

"Katrina speaks with knowledge, beauty, confidence and wisdom – all from the heart. Wonderful presentation. Well organised and presented.”

Bronwyn Law
White Lady Funerals

“Katrina is a very intuitive and focused coach, she has a great ability to bring clients back to the bigger picture and help to clarify what they need to do to achieve it. She is great at holding you to account in a firm and caring manner. She uses strengths that she sees in her clients during the session to inspire and motivate.” ​

Marijke Kershaw
APA Coaching

"Katrina is a passionate and open-minded coach who facilitates meaningful discussion in the sessions, allowing for discoveries and practical actions to be taken away and built upon to bring about the necessary changes. In terms of training and development - money well spent and I would recommend other businesses take their teams through this valuable process. Thank you, Katrina!'' ​

Mark Wright
Berwick Motor Group

" I was looking for a holistic approach to well-being, not just weight loss. My goals extended into work/life optimistation and shifting the way I operated, using a foundation of well-being to be more productive. Katrina's support structures have been vital to ensuring I met targets - I am now 25% more efficient with work/life optimisation than 4 months ago. It's the small step improvements and positive habit formation that have made the difference."

James Gumley

Some of the clients I've worked with: